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The Packaging

I have spent many hours researching the packaging that was suitable for my business and to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly could. 
My boxes, greaseproof wrap, glassine food bags, foil bags, labels and cards are all biodegradable, compostable & recyclable of which I am extremely proud.
The Pecan Nuts and Yard Dog Treats are in Sealable Bags which are not recyclable.

You can customise your order by adding a little greeting card to send that special bespoke message.  You will be able to add this from the shop.

Each product you purchase will be individually wrapped in a glassine bag which is sealed to keep them fresh and to contain their own unique flavour.

They will be presented in a strong box stamped with company branding and address details of recipient, with branded greaseproof wrap, kraft shred, business card and bespoke message should you choose one.

Now the important part, what will you decide to choose?

You can fit 3 large bars into the box and even a packet of pecan nuts on top!

Each small slice is half the size of the large one so you can mix and match your box. 


The choices are plentiful.

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